The success stories are real. You to can achieve the results that you desire. 

“I gained 92 lbs with my pregnancy. 😲 My beautiful son wrecked havoc on my body. I lost 40 lbs super fast. Then another 10 slowly came off. But that last 42 lbs just stuck. Everyone tells me to give myself some grace because I just had a baby…but my body doesn’t feel like my own anymore. I look in the mirror and I just don’t recognize myself. Losing weight while breastfeeding has been a challenge. When I cut calories, my milk supply tanked. When I worked out without increasing my calories, my supply tanked again.
With this challenge, the meal plan suggestions and workouts, I’ve made healthier food choices and been more active each day. I had to modify a lot of the workouts because there were days when my son would not let me put him down. So for some of the workouts I modified to either hold or baby wear my son. Well, I lost 12 lbs and lots of inches during this challenge! I feel better and have a bit more energy. I still have 30 lbs to my pre-pregnancy weight and 50 lbs to my goal weight. I’m looking forward to the next phase because I still have a long way to go! Thank you for helping me feel a little more like myself!”

“Working with Kristal to achieve my fitness goals was nothing short of amazing and inspiring. I knew I wanted to get in shape, but I just didn’t know how. Kristal showed me that anything I wanted to achieve was possible with the proper knowledge and dedication, and what seemed impossible at first, quickly became a daily routine. Life will always have ups and downs, so will your weight, but she taught me that some hard work in the gym is always a good place to start, and I think that applies to more than just fitness. From nearly 300 pounds, to training for triathlons, my life is forever on a different path than it was before I got in the gym with Kristal, and there’s no turning back now.”

Patrick A. Barcalow

“Just another shout out about this program! I am not only looking great but I feel amazing.  At this point it isn’t even about the pounds lost, it is about how amazing I feel. I have more energy, I feel healthier and stronger.  It doesn’t always have to be about the scale, getting healthy and getting in shape, It’s about how you feel. I am so glad that I started this program and that I have had Kristal & CoreX4 to push me when I wanted to slow down and encourage me to do better.  Now I feel bad if I don’t workout. It has been a total life change and I couldn’t be more thankful!” 

Randi Townsend

“I began my journey with CoreX4 weighing 215 lbs.  With the expert help with my diet and the workout I ended up weighing 189. And that was only with one round.  I highly recommend this to everyone”